As the number of coronavirus deaths in Pakistan hit 100 on Tuesday, the country also reported what was its 1,378th recovery — maintaining recoveries’ triumph over fatalities like also seen even in the worst-hit parts of the world, including the United States (US), Italy and Spain among other countries.

As per the details, Pakistan jumped from 1,026 recoveries on Sunday to 1,378 two days later while the total number of infections stood at 5,782 by the time this report was filed.

On April 12, the country had reported that a bit over a thousand patients had recovered from the novel coronavirus — COVID-19.


According to reports, the development had put the number of fatalities in Pakistan at a mere 8 per cent against 92 per cent recoveries out of the total number of closed cases.

At the same time, the US had reported 40 per cent fatalities while those in Italy and Spain stood at 37 per cent and 21 per cent, respectively.

The death to recovery ratio on Tuesday, however, improved further not only in Pakistan but also in the worst-hit US.

According to the details of closed cases by Worldometers, Pakistan now has 93 per cent recovered patients while the US has 61 per cent with a slight improvement against Sunday’s 60 per cent.

In additional good news, the two hardest-hit European countries have maintained their number of recoveries as even two days later, the percentage of recoveries in Italy and Spain still stands at 63 and 79, respectively — with no surge in the percentage of fatalities among closed cases.

While the improvements still aren’t good enough, they come following a sudden spike in coronavirus infections and fatalities across the globe, which has led to countries being forced to make efforts aimed at dealing with the global pandemic.