A man in Bihar, India, accused of attempted rape was granted bail on the condition that he will wash and iron the clothes of all women in his village for six months.

As per reports, the 20-year-old Lalan Kumar will have to buy detergent and other products to provide six months of free laundry services to about 2,000 women in the village of Majhor, a court said on Wednesday.

Kumar, who washes clothes for a living, was detained in April on charges including attempted rape, Santosh Kumar Singh, a police officer, said.


No date has been set for his trial.

“All the women in the village are happy with the court decision,” Nasima Khatoon, the village head, said.

“It is historic. It will boost respect for women and help to protect the dignity,” added Khatoon, one of the villagers who will monitor Kumar.

Women in the village said the order had made a positive effect by making crime against women a subject of discussion in their community.