After reports of mistreatment of animals in zoos and the successful transfer of Kaavan, Suzie and Babloo to sanctuaries abroad, Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media and demanded zoos across Pakistan be shut down.

Quoting Islamabad High Court’s (IHC) Chief Justice Athar Minallah, Hamza said: “IHC rules that zoos are concentration camps for non-human living beings. It’s true.”

“Caging animals for public entertainment is cruel and evil,” he continued. “Pakistan has a chance to earn the respect of the world and make God happy by freeing all the animals in captivity.”


“Close all Pak zoos please,” asserted the actor.

Abbasi also urged his fans to use the hashtag #CloseAllPakZoos to support the cause and raise their voice on the matter.

Earlier, the IHC while ordering the transfer of the two Himalayan bears to Jordan had said: “The natural habitat of Suzie and Bubloo was the high altitude plateau of Deosai National Park in the Himalayas. It was indeed inhumane to have deprived them of living in their natural habitat merely for the entertainment of the human species.”

“They have remained caged in the Marghazar Zoo for more than a decade. A zoo, no matter how well equipped, is no less than a concentration camp for living beings. They were born free and taking them out of their natural habitat and caging them was in violation of the natural rights bestowed upon them by the Creator.”


“They have suffered enough and they lack the ability to let the human species know what they must have gone through. Their abnormal behaviour while imprisoned was sufficient to speak volumes for the unimaginable pain and suffering.”

“The relocation of Kaavan the elephant, and the two Himalayan brown bears, Suzie and Bubloo, to appropriate sanctuaries has set a precedent for others to follow. They will always represent the people of Pakistan and their resolve to treat living species with respect and dignity,” it added.

Meanwhile, Ayesha Omar also expressed joy over the closure of Islamabad Zoo.

Earlier, Mehwish Hayat had also urged authorities to close all zoos across the country.