The ‘Pawri’ girl, Dananeer Mobeen who recently made her acting debut in Nadeem Baig’s Sinf e Aahan, recently shared a lip-plumping hack.

Mobeen’s beauty hack has garnered scrutiny by the local celebrities and influencers. Make-up artist and influencer Ken Doll aka Adnan Zafar posted a video in which he criticised Dananeer for sharing a very dangerous kitchen trick to make lips fuller.

Dananeer told her fans to put Vaseline, red pepper, and cinnamon powder on their lips. She said that this trick can make lips look perfectly full. Well, Ken Doll didn’t like this kitchen hack at all. He said that if someone wants fuller lips, they should spend money and go to a doctor. He went on to talk about a few products that can easily make the lips look full and perfect. He has told the girls that they can’t put red pepper on their lips or in their mouths because it can cause allergic reactions. He has said that these cheap kitchen tricks are too dangerous and that you shouldn’t fall for every one of them.


Celebrity and dermatologist Shaista Lodhi has also slammed Dananeer in a podcast, “I don’t understand that how a person having a mobile becomes a doctor or a influencer herself. It’s very dangerous, please don’t do such things. Don’t apply red chilli direct on your lips at all, use a pink or red colored blush for such beauty hacks.”

“If a person becomes a doctor or an expert, it happens through a process like I became a doctor through a process. I’m sure that if the internet of this country goes down for a day, 90% of the influencers will vanish away”, added the Pardes star.

Actor Mathira also commented on the matter, “Omg wow why would anyone guide someone to put chillliiii on the lips pls everything on google babaaaaa ain’t always right and okay for all people some peoples skin are really sensitive”