Imran Abbas penned an emotional note on his father’s demise, who passed away on Sunday, saying this was the darkest time in his life.

“Perhaps this is the darkest time of my life…I lost my father, my strength, my backbone. I can’t stand up straight at the moment. Thanks for your messages and posts but I won’t be able to reply to them for a while,” Imran wrote on Instagram.

“It’s like breathing bricks and with huge lump in my chest with lots of guilt of not giving him time, saying what I shouldn’t have said and not saying what I should have.”


He continued, “Looking around for the echoes of his voice which I won’t ever listen again, the touch I’ll never feel again, his face which became a thing of past.”

“Please value your parents because there is no one in this whole universe like them,” the actor asserted, “Give them love and time, that’s all they want. Otherwise we are just left with regrets and remorse.”

Meanwhile, fans and collegues, including Meera and Reema, expressed their condolences and sent prayers for the deceased.