Director-General (DG) Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant-General Nadeem Anjum, has made it clear to all officials of the ISI that no interference in politics and political matters would be tolerated, reports Ansar Abbasi for The News.

The incumbent DG ISI is said to have decided soon after he joined the office to keep the institution away from politics.

Lt-Gen Nadeem Anjum had conveyed to all the concerned authorities not to release to the media his pictures or video footage taken during official meetings.


In relevance to the directives, none of his pictures or video footage taken during official meetings has so far been published or shown on TV channels.

Last week, a picture was released by the Prime Minister’s (PM) Office of a luncheon hosted by PM Imran Khan in honour of Bill Gates. The picture in which PM Khan and Bill Gates are sitting with Fawad Chaudhry, Asad Umar, Mahmood Khan, Azam Khan, Shaukat Tarin, Shah Farman, Khalid Khurshid, and several others at the main table.


If one looks at the picture closely, someone between Dr Faisal Sultan and Mahmood Khan seems to be ‘missing’.

The Current reached out to its sources and confirmed that it was the DG ISI Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum who had been photoshopped from the luncheon meeting picture.