The divorce rate has reached the highest in Pakistan according to a survey conducted by Gallup and Gilani Pakistan.

2 out of every 5 Pakistanis believe that in-laws are the major reason for most failed marriages. The survey also recorded that 58 per cent of the population in Pakistan believe that divorce cases have increased in society, reports The News.

It has been observed that the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to mental health problems where couples experienced interference from the in-laws.


In Karachi, 3800 divorce cases have been registered. Recently, 10,312 cases have been recorded by the District Judiciary of Rawalpindi between January 1 to November 9 in 2021 that including 10,312 cases of divorce, khula, guardianship, and maintenance whereas 13,000 cases are still waiting for the verdict in family courts of the Rawalpindi district.


Around 70 per cent of the divorce cases filed were of women who married with their free will. Some women claimed the interference and bitterness from the in-laws as the marriage was not arranged by them [in-laws].

Family Advocate Hamid Rashid Gondal also revealed that few cases of divorce end up in a settlement in court.

Forced marriages are another contributing factor in increasing divorce numbers.