Social media personality Hareem Shah was trolled by Twitter users yesterday after she uploaded a video where she can be seen visiting a Hindu temple.

In the caption she had written:

“Ek dafa Mandir gayi thi , bilkul bhi maza nahin aaya. Pata nahin ye log patthar ko kaise Khuda man lete hain.”


Social media users criticised the Tiktok star for targeting the beliefs of a religious minority in Pakistan where non-Muslim communities have been subjected to attacks, pointing out that even in Islam, it is an insult to mock other religions and their practices.

Religious minorities in Pakistan have been subjected to verbal and physical attacks, including the recent Jaranwala riots where a Christian neighborhood was set on fire by a mob over blasphemy allegations.

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In January, human rights experts at the United Nations called to attention the rise of forced conversions, abductions and marriages of women from minority communities, urging the government to put an end to such practices.

“We are deeply troubled to hear that girls as young as 13 are being kidnapped from their families, trafficked to locations far from their homes, made to marry men sometimes twice their age, and coerced to convert to Islam,” the experts said in a statement as reported by Al-Jazeera.

“Why can’t people just respect each other’s religion and live in peace? Disgusting behaviour!” a user wrote.

“Why do we Muslims feel entitled to belittle other religions? Imagine if a Hindu or a Christian had made a similar video in a mosque? How would we have felt? How is it fair to mock other religions? This is so disgusting I can’t even!