Egypt’s star footballer Muhammad Saleh released an emotional video message in favor of the oppressed Palestinians who are victims of Israeli brutality in Gaza.

In his video message, Muhammad Saleh said that it is not always easy to talk at such a time.
“All lives are sacred and should be protected, the killings must stop, Many families are breaking apart.”

He further said “At this time it is very important to immediately allow humanitarian aid to Gaza, the people there are suffering from extreme difficulties. The scenes at the hospital last night were also heartbreaking. The people of Gaza need food, water, and medicine”. Referring to the Israeli brutality launched on Gaza after the attacks by Hamas, he said that there is a lot of violence and extreme brutality.


In his video message, the 31-year-old football star appealed to the international community to come forward and play their part to prevent further massacres of innocent people.

At the end of his video message, Salah said, “Humanity must prevail in the end.”