Pakistani actress and model Hira Tareen has said that its not necessary that every man only looks at women with lust.
Recently, Hira Tareen participated in the FHM, where she openly discussed various issues.

During the program, the actress confessed, “I am a feminist, but being a feminist does not mean that women’s rights are spoken of in one tone. I was invited to participate in the women’s march but did not participate because the march serves many purposes, it is not solely for women’s rights and autonomy.”
She said that while there is talk of equal rights for women in the country, there is also a discussion of superiority over men.
“Violence against women is condemnable in every way, but it is also a reality that the pleasures enjoyed by women in Pakistan are nowhere to be found.”
She clarified her point by saying that women are respected in Pakistan. “Now, if a woman goes out in bold clothes, people will definitely see her, but men looking does not always mean they see women with lust and dirty thoughts.”


She stressed that men who leer at womenbwill also see women in a veil, hijab, or shalwar kameez in the same light.