Juggling a heavy-duty sports career and motherhood is not easy and Sania Mirza, in a heartfelt note, opened up on the challenges it entails. In an emotional letter, Sania talked about motherhood and what it takes to defy all odds and balance family and professional life.

The tennis champion said that she took inspiration by American Tennis player Serena Williams and her journey to pen her note.

“Serena Williams your story has inspired me to pen this letter,” said Sania. “The ‘Being Serena’ echoes my experience and that of women worldwide who everyday balance family and personal goals.”


“Pregnancy is something that I had experienced for the first time in my life. I thought about it and I think we all have a certain picture about it, but, once you experience it, you really understand what it means. It absolutely changes you as a human being,” wrote Sania further.

In her post, she encouraged women to experience pregnancy.


“It’s an extraordinary thing. It’s an experience I recommend women should go through because it really does teach you to respect yourself and your body but also teaches you the selfless kind of love that at least I never knew existed for me.”

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She also opened up about her physical transformation.

“Having put on around 23kg during my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going back to being fit and playing tennis again. However, I lost around 26 kilos with a lot of workout regimes and very strict diets and came back to tennis because that is what I know, love, and do.”

“Finally, when I won at Hobart after coming back, it was pretty amazing. I was honestly very proud of myself to have been able to put myself to compete at the highest level again and I think that’s where I was mentally,” she added.

“It sometimes becomes hard to find hope in difficult situations but our love for our profession and family equally, helps us gain that balance. It makes us what we are and proves that women can achieve what they want,” concluded the tennis champion.

Sania dedicated the letter to all the mothers who are going through a similar phase.