Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s very public engagement at the Lux Style Awards had created quite a stir when it happened. A few weeks later, people finally got over it and moved on. Magar hua kuch yoon, keh eik aur twist aagaya. Turns out, the couple had been formally betrothed a long time ago and pictures from the event have finally surfaced on social media, sending fans into a frenzy once again.

It all started when Iqra’s sister, Sidra shared a photo of the couple from what appears to be an intimate engagement ceremony. Fans began to speculate that the engagement happened in February because Iqra had posted pictures of herself in the same dress and styling as in the picture below. Yasir also sported a beard, which he had removed for his play Naach Na Jaane.

Needless to say, that led people to comment that the LSA engagement was staged by the couple as a publicity stunt. And it turns out that the fans were right. About the February part, not the engagement or publicity one.


Because a few hours later, Yasir took to Instagram to share that the pictures were from the couple “baat paaki” ceremony which was an intimate family affair. He said that according to him the engagement happens when rings are exchanged and those were exchanged in front of the whole world at LSA 2019. He said Iqra had no idea about the proposal and that he doesn’t care what the world has to say because he’s happy and in love.

Here are some more pictures from the baat pakki event.

Following Yasir’s post, best man Asad Siddiqui also shared a picture with the couple from a private event they did to celebrate. Asad’s post also came with a note in which he requested everyone to think before passing comments on someone’s special moment.