Android or iOS—which one is better? We have heard this never-ending debate many times. Now, the debate has turned towards the power corridors of Islamabad. The question being asked on social media is, what phone does our Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif use?

Earlier in the day, PM’s Focal Person on Digital Media, Muhammad Abubakar Umer, shared a video of the Premier who was sitting with United Nations (UN) Chief Antonio Guterres. They both visited the flood-affected areas of Sindh.

In the video, PM Shehbaz pulled out his phone which appears to be an iPhone 7.


Abubakar has also mentioned the model of the phone in the caption. He said, “PM Shehbaz doesn’t normally carry/use his mobile phone in public. This is probably the first time he pulled out his phone during a meeting—to show a flood-related video to UN Secretary-General— and guess what? It’s not iPhone 14, not even X or 9. It looks more like iPhone 7.”

Upon asking the reason behind PM not upgrading his phone, Abubakar told The Current, “He [PM Shehbaz] uses the phone only for necessary functions and not for entertainment or luxury. He would use the phone as long it serves the basic purpose of call or text and sometimes video message or call.”

The focal person also revealed that when he met PM Shehbaz back in 2011 he [PM] was carrying a phone that “looked like Nokia 3310”. He said that it was a very “basic” phone.

“PM has all the resources to afford a new phone but he is doing great even without keeping up with the latest phone models”, he added.