Claim: A couple in the United Kingdom named their baby ‘Pakora’.

Fact: No, the couple did not name their baby Pakora. The incident was a joke made by the owner of a restaurant.

News reports have been making rounds on social media about a UK couple naming their baby after the desi fried snack Pakora (fritters). The unusual news is being widely talked about on social media, generating a lot of mirth and decisive views.


The Captain’s Table, a restaurant in Newtownabbey, Ireland, took to Facebook to share the news. The eatery shared the receipt of an order placed by the UK couple and also a picture of the baby girl born on August 24.

“My wife has just called our newborn daughter Pakora after her fav dish from The Captain’s Table,” read the note.

However, the owner of the restaurant, Hilary Braniff, later clarified that the post was only a joke. She made the story up to “bring a little cheer to the industry” which is reeling under the rising costs and increasing energy bills.

Braniff claimed that she just wanted to share the post and brighten up people’s day.

The girl in the picture is the granddaughter of the restaurant owner, and her name is Grace. “I just thought I would do a post – my two favourite things in the world are chicken pakora and my baby granddaughter. I thought I would combine the two things for a bit of fun really,” she said.