Claim: Image shows an ATM machine broken and destroyed by PTI supporters, with money stolen by them from a Transact ATM in Islamabad

Fact: The image is from Chicago and was taken in 2020

On May 26, several Twitter users began sharing an image of a broken ATM with a Transact board, destroyed and money removed from the inside, claiming that this was done by PTI supporters who got violent while protesting in Islamabad.


Coupled with recent images of Islamabad burning and large unmanageable crowds of people attacking the police, this becomes a very believable image. Several PMLN senior leaders have been sharing this image as well.

However, with a Reverse Image search we discovered that this image has been posted online before. On the website of WTTW News, an article titled “Crain’s Headlines: Mag Mile Tax Proposal Fails”, the picture also clearly shows the name of labels, “Transact” and “7 Eleven”, which is a chain of Japanese convenience stores which has 11,800 stores in the US and none in Pakistan. Trans@ct is a mobile prepaid service offered by 7 Eleven.

This image couldn’t have possibly been from Pakistan and has been used out of context to imply that PTI supporters in Islamabad violently broke into an ATM and stole money, which even if they did, is definitely not proven by this image.

Verdict: FALSE