An old interview of senior actor Faisal Qureshi’s mother, Afshan Qureshi, discussing her son’s success has gone viral on social media, sparking speculation about the actor.

The interview, given two weeks ago to ‘Metro Live TV,’ was edited and widely shared on social media. In the viral clip, Afshan Qureshi talks about her son’s character and personality.

In the video, she mentions, “I prayed for my son’s success, and my prayers were answered, but I didn’t pray for him to be a good son and person.” The edited clip also shows her discussing the issue of children leaving their parents in old-age homes.
Social media users speculated that she might be hinting at her son’s disobedience. However, she was giving a general message to all children: respect and care for their parents.


Afshan Qureshi also said, “There is no one in the position where my son is today, and my son has repeatedly told me not to work, but he is continuing to do everything of his own free will.”

Social media users were surprised by the edited clip of Faisal Qureshi’s mother. They commented that Faisal Qureshi appears to have a very good personality and is obedient.