In some fake videos spreading widely on the internet, two top Bollywood actors from India are shown speaking out against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They’re asking people to support the opposition Congress party in the current general election. In one video, Aamir Khan talks for about 30 seconds, and in another, Ranveer Singh speaks for about 41 seconds. They say Modi didn’t fulfill his promises during his time as prime minister and didn’t solve important economic problems.

The fake videos made by artificial intelligence show the symbol and slogan of the Congress party at the end. The slogan is “Vote for Justice, Vote for Congress.” These videos have been watched more than half a million times on social media since last week, according to Reuters.

The spread of these videos shows how AI-generated content could affect the huge Indian election that began last Friday and will go on until June. AI, or artificial intelligence, creating fake videos, called deepfakes, are becoming more common in elections worldwide.


Since 2019, in India, there’s been a big shift towards using WhatsApp and Facebook for campaigning. This year’s general election, where Modi is likely to win a third term, marks the first time AI is being used in Indian elections.

A spokesperson for the Congress party named Sujata Paul shared actor Ranveer Singh’s video with her 16,000 followers on a platform called X on April 17. By Saturday afternoon, her post had been shared 2,900 times, liked 8,700 times, and viewed 438,000 times. Paul told Reuters on the phone that she knew the video was labeled as “manipulated media” by X, but she didn’t want to remove it. When she posted it, she thought the person in the video looked like Singh, and she thought it was ‘creative’.

The post disappeared from X on Sunday, shortly after Reuters asked Congress’ social media head for comments, but received no response. Both actors have said the videos are fake. Facebook, X, and at least eight fact-checking websites have also confirmed they’re altered or manipulated, which Reuters verified too.

Aamir Khan was worried about the viral “fake” video, and Ranveer Singh is planning to sue the account that originally released the video. Singh’s team is investigating, said a spokesperson for both actors. Singh warned on X on Friday: “Be careful of deepfakes, friends.”