Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice-president Maryam Nawaz Sharif said that former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s politics will end after July 17 by-polls, while addressing an election rally in PP-156, Dharampura on July 3.

“Punjab will never vote for Imran Khan again”

Maryam addressing the rally said that Punjab will never vote for Imran Khan again. The people of Punjab understood Imran Khan now.

“Fallen on his face without crutches”

Maryam, speaking of Khan, said that he had fallen on his face without crutches. “Now he knows that people have found him out and will no longer vote so now he is calling out [for help] He calls out to neutrals at rallies but nobody pays any heed.”


Maneka’s children have become billionaires in Imran Khan’s tenure”

Alleging corruption, Maryam claimed that Khawar Maneka’s children have become rich while the nation has become poor. “They gave grief to the people of Pakistan and relief to their own family members.”

Referring to the recent alleged audio tape leak of Bushra Bibi, Maryam said that Bushra Bibi instructed that everybody who questioned her corruption be called a “traitor”.

“Farah Gogi, Pinky Peerni aur Money Gala Fitna Khan ke mega projects hain”

Criticising the alleged corruption in Imran Khan’s tenure, Maryam said once again Imran Khan is after the province of Punjab. “Fitna Khan ke mega projects kya hain? Farah Gogi, Pinky Peerni aur Money Gala. [What are the mega projects of Fitna Khan? (Imran Khan) Farah Gogi, Pinky Peerni and Money Gala.”

“Farah Gogi swindled the entire province of Punjab and she’s a “bachi” [young girl]?”

Talking about the recent allegedly leaked audio tape in which Bushra Bibi called Farah Gogi a “bachi”, Maryam questioned after all of Farah Gogi’s crimes in Punjab, why is she still considered a child?