With a complete ban on Eid parties, travelling and pappis and jhappis (don’t forget Apa is watching), Eid this year is not like the ones we used to have in our childhood. With little to do and no place to go, what better than a movie night in with the fam?

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While Netflix has thousands of options to choose from for a fun family movie night, there are some films which are touted to be “family-friendly” but are not. Here is a list of films you should definitely not be watching with the fam.



While Queen is a highly entertaining watch about a woman who decides to go on her honeymoon alone after her fiancé ditches her days before the wedding and features a brave female protagonist (Kangana Ranaut), some of the scenes, especially those involving Lisa Haydon can be very awkward to watch with your parents or siblings.

Kapoor and Sons

Featuring Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan, Kapoor & Sons is a decent film about family issues and sibling rivalry but the racy scenes and Fawad’s character being gay can make it a tad bit uncomfortable to watch with family. Though everyone has a choice to love who they want, Pakistani families perhaps aren’t ready yet, especially if you’re hanging out with the Nana Nani or Dada Dadi. That’s a discussion you might not want to have, yet.


Khoobsurat may feature Pakistan’s resident heartthrob, but this too like Kapoor & Sons is not one to be watched with the family unless you’d like to watch him shirtless with five others. Best to watch this alone!

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Main Hoon Na

And old fav, Main Hoon Na definitely comes across as a family film given that it is set in a university and against the backdrop of Indo-Pak tension. However, Shah Rukh Khan and Sushmita Sen romancing in a waterfall can make things a tad bit awkward if you end up playing this on the family movie night.

Jab We Met

Another classic Jab We Met featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor, comes across as a simple and soft romantic film but it includes some racy scenes so it’s best not to watch it with the fam.

Dil Dhadakne Do

Another film about a dysfunctional upper-class family who embarks on a cruise to celebrate the parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. Instead of being a fun and easy holiday, the trip sends the Mehras on a journey of self-discovery and brings out problems that have been long brushed under the carpet. While the film is relatable and honest, but the sexually-charged passionate scenes between Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma make it not-so-family-friendly.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020)

Considered a family movie, with teen love and romance, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is a story about finding love in high school. Based on Jenny Han’s book trilogy, the film starts off where the first film ended: with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky as a couple. The two are poles apart but totally smitten with each other. Enter John Ambrose McLaren, one of Lara’s past crushes, and also a recipient of one of her love letters. He has a crush on Lara giving birth to the main conflict of the movie: which boy is the better choice for Lara?

Even though it’s considered a family movie in the west, with supportive parents, allowing their children to date, can you imagine the HAW HAI our mothers would be doing and how our fathers would say the West is ruining us and making us loose and wild? A BIG NO if you want to go to a mixed school again.


Bulbbul may come across as a good old horror flick about a churail (witch) living in an old haveli but it features some really gruesome scenes, including those involving rape. Hence, definitely not one you can watch with the fam.

In case you want some suggestions for film you can watch with the fam, we recommend Cake, Teefa in Trouble, Ho Mann Jahan, 3 Idiots, Murder Mystery and The Laundromats.