Khaby Lame, the creator with the most followers on TikTok, has disclosed the astounding amount of money he can earn from advertisers with just one post on the platform.

Khaby Lame became TikTok’s most popular creator in June with 142.8 million followers to his name – a number that has now increased to a whopping 149.5 million.

In an exclusive with Fortune, Lame’s manager, Alessandro Riggio, has now revealed that the 22-year-old is on his way to earning $10 million this year, thanks to his TikTok fame and subsequent endorsement deals.


Documents reviewed by Fortune also revealed that he earned $750,000 from a major Hollywood studio for one TikTok video.

Most of Lame’s income comes from brand deals in the form of online content. On average, it’s estimated he makes around $400,000 per TikTok clip he creates for any given

The TikToker’s fame has landed him among the stars — literally — meeting the likes of rapper Snoop Dogg, actor Idris Elba, and singer Jason Derulo. In fact, he’s even scored him a collection with Hugo Boss, and the company also paid him a mint — to the tune of $450,000 — to walk in their Milan fashion week show and post online. Additionally, according to a contract reviewed by Fortune, he was also paid $750,000 by a major Hollywood studio for a single TikTok.