For fans of Pakistani dramas, there’s one thing they all agree on: Adeel Hussain is unforgettable. Whether he’s playing Jamshed in Jackson Heights or Junaid in Daam, Adeel has become one of the biggest stars in Pakistani entertainment.
Adeel started his career in 2007 with ‘Dunya Goal Hai’. Four years later, he won a Best New Male Actor award for Daam, cementing his reputation as a formidable actor. Even though he’s been in many TV dramas since then, Adeel hasn’t been in the spotlight much lately. But that doesn’t mean his fans have forgotten about him.

Getting lots of love on X (formely Twitter), one fan shared four pictures of Adeel Hussain from different roles and said, “Adeel Hussain was special. He just didn’t have social media back then.”

The fan continued, saying that back in his best days, Adeel was even more popular than the biggest stars in Pakistani showbiz now. “Adeel Hussain was a more reliable actor than Humayun and Fawad at that time. People watched his dramas because they knew if he was in it, it would be a good drama overall, not just because of good looks or scenes.”


It’s obvious: whether he’s in the spotlight or not, Adeel has really won over his fans’ hearts.