Dr. Affan Qaiser, a doctor from Multan is known on social media for videos that are usually part social commentary and many times, factually incorrect.

In his latest video, he raised the issue of “adulterated watermelons” i.e. injecting watermelons with chemicals in order to give them the red colour that consumers accept as a sign of the fruit being sweet.

The video was followed by criticism as people debunked the supposed myth — particularly farmers.


One farmer pointed out that today, in the age of social media, everyone is a supposed expert in everything, adding that while Dr. Qaiser gives his two cents on everything, he doesn’t realise how his claims can be detrimental for certain people.

He also said that Qaiser should instead focus on his profession i.e. doctor, and talk about the exploitation by medical labs and pharmaceutical companies instead of farmers.

A couple days later, Dr. Qaiser released another video, justifying his claims with online articles while also pointing that he never put the blame on farmers.

Who is Dr. Qaiser?

Dr. Affan Qaiser and his partner-in-crime – his wife, Nazish Butt -are widely followed on social media.

As internet personalities, apart from explainers, they also host podcasts and interviews.

Time and again, people have criticised Dr. Qaiser for having a holier-than-thou attitude while being hypocritical all the same. For example, he persistently and strongly disapproves eating out in efforts to encourage a healthy diet yet simultaneously, he and his wife have often been seen at restaurants.

But he is mostly known for his criticism of the widely loved Pakistani snack: samosa.

According to Dr Qaiser, the samosa is an “atom bomb of 400 calories”, and that samosas are fried in poor quality oil.