The farmers in India took a cow as a ‘witness’ during a farmers’ protest in Haryana demanding the release of their two arrested fellow-farmers on Sunday.

As per reports, the farmers at the protest brought the cow inside the premises of the police station in Tohana claiming that it was the 41st witness of the incident.

The present government considers itself as a government of cow worshippers, or cow lovers. We have brought the sacred animal as a symbol because it is considered pure and pious and its presence might help put some sense into the government,” one of the protestors said.


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The cow was tied to a small pole inside the police station with water and some grass kept for it. A farmer said that the police officials will be responsible for providing it with food and water.

Later, the two arrested farmers were released on bail. Vikas Sisar and Ravi Azad, two farmer leaders were arrested for surrounding Haryana MLA Devendra Singh Babli’s home last Wednesday.

Earlier, these farmers had registered a case against Babli for allegedly abusing them verbally while protesting against the center’s farm laws. Later, the BJP-leader expressed regret for his words. Many farmer groups across Haryana have been opposing the functioning of BJP-JJP leaders.