A father and daughter duo have secured PhD degree on the same day from the University of Engineering Technology (UET), Peshawar.

Father, Dr Masood Khan, obtained a PhD degree in Mechatronics while his daughter, Dr Nadia Masood, achieved a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. On the convocation day, Dr Masood Khan said that he could not complete his PhD due to some domestic responsibilities.

While talking to Urdu News, Dr Nadia Masood said that she is proud to stand with her father to receive a PhD degree on the same day. She further added her family supported her throughout her journey as she was working in National Standard Artificial Intelligence at university.


They both got admission in the year 2017 to UET after passing an entry test.

Dr Nadia Masood has also availed Common Wealth’s scholarship during her PhD for which she got a chance to do her research work from England. She spent 1.5 years in the country to complete the research.

During the interview, Dr Masood Khan said that this is the first time that a father and daughter duo received a PhD degree and it is also an inspiration to other people as well.

He also felt happy that his daughter has completed PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. He also broke the stereotype of girls’ education and emphasised that education is equally important for men and women.