Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Fawad Chaudhry took to Twitter to extend a hand of friendship between the civil and military forces.

Chaudhry suggested that “Power should be transferred to the people of Pakistan.”

“I call upon political parties and establishment let’s rewrite political framework Let’s agree on rules of game. Present system has failed Pak, we need to look up for fair rules,” tweeted Chaudhry.


Chaudhry’s tweet comes after PTI Chairman Imran Khan instigated the public to revolt against ones who are making “threatening calls.”

“Those who call you from unknown numbers and threaten you, you threaten them back. Who ever tries to scare you, scare them back,” said Khan.

“I am asking Pakistanis to break the fear of idols, those threatening you by calling from unknown numbers and frightening you, threat and scare them in return,” said Khan.

He claimed that since ‘Mr X and Mr Y’ have been issuing threats to people, they should be on the receiving end of their own medicine.


“Frighten people by calling them from unknown numbers, and threaten them with inflicting harm,” he stated.

Although the former Prime Minister has stopped short of naming the individuals he alleges are behind removing his government and threatening people, it is widely believed that he is talking about the security establishment of the country. At various times in his interviews and speeches, Imran Khan has referred to “neutrals”, “Mir Jaffar”, “Mir Sadiq”, “Mr. X” and “Mr. Y”.