Television star Faysal Quraishi has addressed his mother’s comments about disobedient children.

He joined the show Meri Saheli on Samaa TV via video call and discussed how people use social media to gain attention. He also addressed his mother Afshan Qureshi’s most recent statement.


Speaking about his mother’s viral message and the reasons for individuals posting critical comments,

Faysal Quraishi said, “People on social media share stuff about me to get a rise out of me. When I react, they claim they just wanted my attention. These days, websites and apps need clicks and likes, so they focus on negative content. I don’t think people pay much attention to positive news – they’re drawn to drama. I found the viral post about me funny and told my mom to ignore it, but she still responded. I think the ones making a big deal about it are people who never got scolded by their moms or never saw their moms get angry. I have a great relationship with my mother.”

An old interview of Afshan Qureshi, Faysal’s mother, went viral on social media, showing her discussing her son’s success and personality. She mentioned that while she prayed for his success, she didn’t pray for him to be a good son and person. The edited clip led to speculation about Faysal’s behavior towards his mother. However, she was actually giving a general message to all children to respect and care for their parents.