Incidents detailing the harassment of a female officer in the administration of Islamia University in Bahawalpur have been reported, following on the heels of earlier reports about female students facing the same.

An application has been submitted to The Woman Ombudsman, Government of Punjab, by the female administrative staff stating clearly that the allegations of harassment against senior faculty members including the Dean of Faculty of Law, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, In-charge faculty of Management Sciences and SLO South Punjab Civil Secretariat.


The victim is Farkhanda Tehseen, Director of Development and Planning, whose complaint was ignored, leading to her eventually presenting it in front of the woman ombudsman as she is receiving threats from the suspect.

Dean Law Department Rao Imran Habib has threatened her on the phone about the dire consequences. She registered a complaint against him on June 10, 2023, but no action was taken. Instead of taking action against workplace harassment, another committee has been established which is not taking any active measures.

The victim requested the ombudsman that the accused should be stopped from working so that he could not influence the case further. Ironically, the Dean Faculty of Engineering, who is nominated in the complaint, is also part of the established syndicate and Rao Imran is in cohorts with him.

Dean Law Department Rao Imran Habib is reportedly notorious for his activities during his tenure in Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) and there are reports of him creating hurdles for students here in Islamiya University as well.

Governor Punjab and the university administration have not taken up the matter yet.