Journalist Salman Qureshi has filed a detailed report about the discriminatory system and exploitation of the Multan Development Authority.

According to the details filed in Daily Express, the Director General of Multan Development Agency (MDA) has started harassing women officers who did not obey illegal orders.

A senior female officer at Multan Development Authority refused to work under a junior officer. The Director General MDA, in response, rejected her request for leave.


According to the details, the Director General, Dr. Zahid Ikram, removed the director of town planning, Anaiza Hira, and gave the charge of the directorship to a junior officer, Ali Raza.

As a result, senior officers, including Dr. Anaiza Hira, refused to work under the junior officer.

Dr. Hira then submitted a leave application after being removed from her post, but Dr. Ikram did not accept her request and kept it hanging for days, directing administration officers to do likewise.

It is also being reported that the female officers have been reprimanded. Under these circumstances, reports of the female officers fainting have also come to light. One female officer who fainted was given the required treatment within the office premises after calling the dispenser.

In another case, assistant director of the town planning department, Sanbla Mumtaz, was called to the office and reprimanded for carrying out a task. Out of tension and under stress, she fell unconscious.

Female employees were called to pick her up who then shifted her to another room and called the dispenser to provide first aid in the office.

This was followed by a wave of anxiety among other women officers who no longer feel safe.