A Pakistani film, ‘Sometimes Even The Shore Drowns’ by Mahera Omar has won an award at a film festival in Kathmandu. The documentary got the best international special mention award at the 5th Nepal Cultural International Film Festival.

The film celebrates the people and animals living near Karachi’s shore. Inspired by Rachel Carson’s book ‘The Edge of the Sea’ from 1955, ‘Sometimes Even The Shore Drowns’ (Kabhi Aisai Bhi Hota Hai Ke Kinare Doob Jate Hain) showcases Karachi’s coastal life.

Set against the backdrop of life around mangrove forest creeks, busy boats and vessels, and sky that’s always changing, the film explores the delicate wetland ecosystem along the shores of an industrial city.


Mahera’s earlier films have been screened in Pakistan and at global film festivals such as Film South Asia, Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival, and Delhi International Film Festival.