With Eid-ul-Azha tomorrow, Muslims all around the globe will be sacrificing animals to remember the practice of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S). Meat lovers usually crave meat but on Eid-ul-Azha, seeing meat all around diminishes the craving and sometimes, develops an urge to eat vegetarian food. Moreover, vegetarians also wonder what to eat on Eid. In this article, we will go over easy and delicious vegan food that you can make on this Eid.

1- Bhindi Pyaz (Okra or Ladyfinger)

Pakistani star vegan food, bhindi, can be prepared by stir-frying bhindi with onion, garlic, tomatoes and a few other everyday masala. Quantities of masala may vary depending on your taste in food. It is best served with chapati. You can also fry bhindi filled with chat masala and serve it to guests as an alternative to crispy meat.


2- Lobia ka Salan

Lobia ka salan is another Pakistani traditional food that is famous because of its fulfilling taste. It is prepared with Lobia in onion tomato gravy base and can be served in a bowl with chapati. It tastes equally well with boiled rice, which is a cherry on top.

3- Matar Pulao

Matar pulao is yet another famous dish among Pakistanis. It is prepared with rice, green peas and blend of other spices. It is usually served with sliced cucumber salad to add to its flavour. It is one of the best vegan food that could be served to vegetarian guests visiting your place.

4- Alo Kabab

When it comes to vegetarian food, it will not be fair to not mention aaloo kababs. Mashed potato mixed with sliced cauliflower, green capsicum and masala depending on your taste serves as best and quick dish that you can have at Eid. Its appetising smell and circular crispy shape can bring water to anyone’s mouth.

5- Mixed vegetables

Last but not the least, another vegetarian and gluten-free dish that you can eat during this meaty Eid is mixed sabzi. If you are a veggie lover, then it is a must try. It can give you plenty of vegetables in one dish. You can even purchase frozen mixed vegetable packs from any super market. There is no need to spend time on slicing different vegetables. All you need is to follow the instructions given on the pack and you are good to go.