The price of ‘chakki’ flour has recently experienced an increase of Rs10 to Rs12 per kilogramme in Hyderabad, the second-largest city in the province of Sindh.  

Consequently, the price of a 10-kg sack of flour has risen from Rs1,350 to Rs1,470.  

In an official statement, ‘chakki’ owners explained that the surge in prices is attributed to the increased cost of wheat. They clarified that the price of a 100-kg sack of wheat has escalated by Rs3,000, elevating it from Rs8,500 to Rs11,500.  


According to their assertions, the prevailing market rate for a 100-kg sack of wheat is Rs12,000.  

Earlier this month in Karachi, the retail price of flour was established at Rs127 per kilogramme following successful negotiations between Karachi Commissioner Salim Rajput and the flour mills association.  

During the discussions, the association agreed to retail the flour at Rs127 and wholesale it at Rs120 per kilogramme in the city.  

Furthermore, the wholesale market prices were set at Rs130 per kilogramme for fine flour and Rs134 per kilogramme for retail.  

Meanwhile, there has been a noticeable increase in prices for sugar, flour, and other essential commodities at utility stores nationwide.   

The reported prices reveal that sugar is priced at Rs155 in utility stores, compared to Rs142.54 in the open market, representing a Rs12.46 disparity.  

Similarly, a 20-kg bag of flour is priced at Rs2,840 in utility stores, with an open market price of Rs2,706.32, reflecting a Rs133.68 difference.