Police has released former bureaucrat, Abdul Qayyum, who was arrested after a dead cat was found hanging in his house located in Bahira Town, Dawn News has reported.

A police officer while talking to Dawn said that “during preliminary investigation, the man denied this allegation and told police that two cats were fighting inside his house and there was a loop of rope around the neck of one animal”.

“During the fight, the cat with the rope around its neck fell from the stairs, which led to it dying by hanging as the rope got stuck in a pipe,” added the accused.


However, the police suspects that the statement given by the accused is false, adding: “Cats are not usually found with ropes around their neck.”

A case was registered against the man under section 429 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). The complaint was lodged by Anila Umair, who is an animal welfare activist.

As per details, the prime suspect has also been allegedly involved in domestic abuse.