On Tuesday, six members of a family including three children suffocated to death while sleeping due to a gas leak in Hagnu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The victims reportedly switched on the gas heater in their bedroom at night to protect themselves from the severe cold. Afterward, they went to sleep while the gas heater was left on.

There was gas load shedding due to which the flame died out. However, the gas fumes did not burn again when the gas resumed. Instead, it keep on filling in the room causing them to suffocate which ultimately led to their death.


The neighbours got suspicious when the family did not wake up late in the morning. They banged at the door but when they didn’t get a response, they decided to break down the door. When locals entered the room, the victims were lying on their beds.

The deceased included a man, two women, and three children. Their dead bodies were shifted to the hospital by a rescue team.