People born between 1997 and 2012 are known as Generation Z. They are not just digitally aware, but real digital natives who have grown up immersed in digital networking.

Gen Z has been identified as being nimble, active, and bold. Every generational shift leads to a transformation in demand and expectations.

A research study conducted by Meta reveals how Gen Zers interact with marketers and invest their online time.


Social media – more than a picture uploading platform

Over two-thirds of Gen Zers are surveyed on Facebook and Instagram, according to Comscore research. By time spent on mobile and desktop, these two applications list third among the top ten digital sites.

For many people, social media is more than a basic way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. It’s where people can spend time discovering their passions and interacting with the brands they care about. Gen Zers are delighted to see advertisers on Meta platforms, according to a Meta-commissioned study. In fact, 60 per cent of those questioned claimed they follow a company on social media.

Gen Zers crave engagement with favourite brand

Gen Z craves a genuine engagement with the brands they adore. According to a Meta study, 41 per cent of Gen Zers surveyed stated they feel more personally connected when brands share content that makes them feel like they’re a member of the brand’s group.

The yearning to be a part of something and to know what’s going on can go a long way: According to the survey, 29 per cent of respondents feel a stronger bond to businesses that provide an inside glimpse into their activities. Gen Zers also highly value real chats with brands, with more than a quarter of those polled expressing a desire to be able to ask product experts questions directly through social networks.

Gen Zers fancy writing feedback

Following a brand on social media is a method for 60 per cent of Gen Zers surveyed to engage more deeply with their interests. One of the most common methods for people to engage with their passions is through stories shared on social media by companies and influencers, according to 43 per cent of those polled.

They do, however, want a more engaging experience: As a way to communicate with brands, 38 per cent of respondents love completing product feedback questionnaires. 

Impact of involving celebrities, influencers

The key to establishing a stronger bond between businesses and Gen Z is through influencers and artists. According to Meta data, 79 per cent of Gen Zers have made a purchase as a result of watching a creator’s content. Influencers let customer feels more attached to and satisfied with the businesses, products, and services they offer.

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Luckily for marketers, 35 per cent of those polled indicated that creator material caused them to promote a brand, product, or service.

Role of social justice

Advocating for social justice and ethnic diversity is critical for Gen Zers. According to a second Meta research of interactional analytics, Gen Zers used Instagram to express their views on social justice issues, with discussion volume increasing by 300 per cent year over year since May 2020. However, deeds speak louder than speech for this age.

According to Meta study, Gen Z consumers expect brands to work with influencers from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. The study also found that more than half of Gen Zers polled learn about new businesses through content from influencers from multiple origins.