The ruling government has increased the price of petrol by Rs12.03/litre, diesel Rs9.53/litre, kerosene Rs10.08/litre and light diesel oil (LDO) by 9.43/litre. The new rates will be effective from today (February 16) and will be revised at the end of the month.

As per the press release issued by the Government of Pakistan’s Finance Division, the prime minister has considered the recommendation to increase the prices of petroleum products in line with changes in the international oil prices.

The previous price of petrol was Rs147.83 per litre.


Actress Noor Bukhari took to her Instagram stories to take a dig on the government due to the increased prices of petrol in the country. She jokingly said that we should start investing on cartwheels.

The Chupke Chupke star Arslan Naseer also commented on the same.

Earlier Arsalan took a jibe at PM Imran Khan’s government for his taxation policies especially in regards to Iphone 13.

He took to his twitter handle to share his stance on the matter.

Want to buy the new iPhone? Think again because the new Pakistan tax is shocking

A government source has informed The Current that phones from abroad are now being subjected to 17% sales tax instead of a fixed sales tax. The total tax will also include customs tax.

Earlier, the fixed sales tax on the iPhone13 Pro max was Rs. 10,000 but if you now calculate a 17 per cent tax on 305068.94 PKR in our case, the tax will be 51,861.7198. The customs tax is Rs 34,000 on the iPhone.

If you now want to buy an iPhone 13 Pro max in Pakistan, the total tax will be 51,861.7198+34,000=85,861.17 for the high end iPhone.

If you have a passport on which you came back with the phone, it will cost you a little less, 51,861.7198+26,000=77,861.7198.

Government sources while talking to The Current said, “If a person can afford a phone worth almost 300k, then he can pay 78k too. These phones have inelastic demands.”

“Most smartphones sold in Pakistan (more than 80%) and mid category (between $150-200). 70% of these are now made in Pakistan and have very little tax on them. The ones in the range that are imported have a tax of around Rs 5-8k on them,” the source added.