After Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti ordered the police to rescue a girl kidnapped in broad daylight from the Shadbagh neighbourhood by Sunday evening, police retrieved her.

The accused was apprehended in Arifwala and the girl was found. The victim, a 10th-grade student, was riding back home after taking the exam, with her brother when the motorcycle was hit by a car. Two armed men exited the vehicle, one grabbing the girl’s hand and forcing her inside the vehicle, while the other man aimed his rifle at her brother, preventing him from resisting. The kidnappers drove away after abducting the teenager.

The LHC chief justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti took notice of the event and instructed the IG Punjab to rescue the woman and present her in court. In connection with the case, the IGP, the CCPO, and other senior officers appeared before the Chief Justice on Sunday, promising to rescue the girl before the deadline.



Kidnapper Abid was the girl’s ex-fiance, according to the CCPO Lahore. The perpetrator kidnapped the victim because he was bitter about the end of their engagement. The kidnappers promptly turned off their cellphones following the event. The girl was rescued from Arifwala and the culprits were apprehended after the IG enlisted the help of the IB and CTD.