A girl’s father bit off the finger of a man’s father during a physical assault over a love marriage dispute at the Gulshan-e-Zia area of Orangi Town in Karachi, reports Geo News.

Muhammad Hussain, the father of Muhammad Suleiman, told the police that the girl named Nabila lived in their neighbourhood and was also his son’s class fellow. He said that the girl fell in the love with his son and wanted to marry him. She went to his house and tried to convince Suleiman’s mother to let them marry each other.


However, his mother explained to Nabila that her son did not have any job so he could not get married right now.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father, Nadeem, reached Suleiman’s house along with his brother, Aleem, and they started beating Suleiman and his mother.

They physically abused Suleiman’s mother by grabbing her hair. They also dragged her and tore off her clothes.

While rescuing his wife and son, Muhammad Hussain was attacked and his finger was bitten off by Nadeem.

Police added that Hussain was provided medical aid from the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Police arrested both Nadeem and Aleem for assault and lodged a First Investigation Report (FIR).