Popular actor Gohar Rasheed has talked about a concerning trend in the entertainment world, stating that just having fair skin is seen as enough to become an actor. He pointed out that some people even spend a lot of money on injections to lighten their skin quickly and get roles in the industry.
The actor from ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ highlighted, with a bit of criticism, that having fair skin might be the only thing that matters in getting good opportunities in the entertainment field.

“No matter how good someone is at acting, they will be chosen for roles just because they have fair skin,” he said.

Pointing out that someone with fair skin might not even know how good they are at acting, Gohar said that the production company still recognizes their talent and tells them about their skill in acting.
“After the fair complexion injection, the person’s journey to becoming an actor begins, and they are offered a variety of roles,” he said.


He asked everyone to recognize biases and deal with the fact that there is racism in our nation. He said, “We need to admit that we are a racist nation.”
When someone asked Gohar how long it took for him to realize he doesn’t meet traditional beauty standards, he said, “I used to mention I wasn’t conventionally good-looking, but I have realised that I am the most conventional.”
Explaining further, he said, “Being conventional means being like most people, and I feel like I connect with most folks.” This implies that his personality fits in with what’s typical in society, unlike those who stand out mainly because of their exceptionally good looks, particularly fair skin.
“People with fair complexions are unconventional and unique,” Gohar stated.

Many actors in the entertainment industry have admitted that having fair skin helped them get chances, while others have shared that they initially faced rejection because of their darker complexion.