Chief Minister (CM) Usman Buzdar, whom Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan protected through thick and thin and called ‘Wasim Akram Plus’, is now getting sacrificed as the premier nominated Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaiz Elahi for the much-sought-after Punjab’s chief ministership.

Buzdar was known for keeping a low profile and not many know much about him. So here’s all you need to know about our soon-to-be-former-chief minister.

Last year in May, Usman Buzdar appeared for an interview on Express News morning show, “Expresso”. During his interview, a rather candid Buzdar revealed his favourite food, choices in clothes, his favourite colour and his love for jeep rallies.


“Whatever I am given to eat, I like it. My personal favourite dishes are daal ghost and Balochi dish Sajji,” said Buzdar, adding, ” I don’t have any specific food choices. I eat whatever is given to me.”

Anchorperson Hina Nizai questioned Buzdar about his favourite colour. “I like simple clothes. Blue, black and white are my favourite colours.”

“Earlier I used to go out for shopping but ever since I became chief minister, I don’t get the time to buy my own clothes,” said Buzdar.

Talking about his music choices, Buzdar said that he enjoyed listening to folk music. He revealed that he could speak English, Urdu, Siraiki and Pashto.

Buzdar said that he really enjoyed jeep rallies. “I really enjoy driving, especially off-road driving, which I enjoyed since my childhood. I am a very good driver as well,” he said.

“Who is the chief minister of your house?” asked the anchorperson.

“Everyone is a chief minister in the house,” responded Buzdar.

In September 2019, Buzdar gave an interview on Dunya News programme, “On The Front with Kamran Shahid”. Anchorperson Kamran Shahid questioned Buzdar about his background and why he deserved the CM slot, to which he responded, “Main koyi miss nahi karta tha trainings [I did not miss any training].”

CM Buzdar was asked how can a “sharif admi [decent man]” could be CM Punjab. He said, “Was there any criteria that a sharif admi could not become a chief minister?”

Shahid asked Buzdar how many times he met PM Khan before he became the chief executive of Punjab. Buzdar said, “I met Imran Khan at Banigala the day I was nominated [for Chief Minister].”

Talking about his relationship with Elahi, Buzdar said, ” I have a very good understanding with Pervaiz Elahi. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that I have an ideal understanding …. he supports me a lot… he is an elder to me.”

Responding to the question of his removal, Buzdar said, “Jab tak meray quaid ka mujh par aitebaar hai aur meri assembly ka, tou mujhe koyi nahi hataa sakta [Till the time my leader and assembly believe in me, no one can remove me],” adding, “Jis din mujhe jaana hoga, aik minute mujhe koyi tok nahi sakega [The day I have to leave, no one can stop me for a minute].”

On Monday, Elahi was nominated for the post of the Chief Minister of Punjab after Buzdar tendered his resignation to the premier.