Pakistan government has taken notice of virtual advertisements of gambling companies in the Australia Test series on December 6 on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has taken notice of surrogate virtual advertising in the Perth Test, issuing a notice yesterday. The notice has been issued to several institutions including the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).


Surrogate advertising and gambling companies are banned in Pakistan.

There were no advertisements on the field while the Test was being played, but in Pakistan, the broadcast of the match on state TV showed advertisements of gambling companies, via virtual advertising in which ads are placed with the help of software.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, expressing displeasure, has urged PTV and the Board to strictly implement the ban.

The notice states that despite the government’s ban, the logos of betting companies were on air on TV, asking that the matter be investigated.