Pakistan has won the hearts of Indian citizens after assisting their students in evacuation from Ukraine.

Indian students were left alone as they could not find any Indian embassy officials who could help them evacuate safely from war zone areas.

According to media reports, Indian nationals have been facing discrimination in Ukraine since India abstained from the right to vote against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


When Indian students reached Lviv, a town 70 kilometers away from Poland, they did not find any Indian embassy officials to facilitate them.

A Sweden-based Professor, Ashok Swain, shared a video in which a student has described the current situation sitting with other Pakistani nationals in a dining hall of a building at the Romanian border.

He said, “Only four of us are Indian. The rest of them are Pakistanis. You can see. There were many people when we reached Lviv yesterday from Kharkiv. There were no officials from Indian Embassy. We have tried many times to find them.”

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also confirmed the news about the facilitation given to Indian students from Pakistan Embassy in Ukraine.

He said that Pakistani embassy officials helped Indian students in Ukraine on humanitarian grounds as they were in distress.

Indian Twitter user, Gaurav Sabnis, appreciated the gesture shown by the Pakistani Embassy staff.

He said, “First with that vandalized temple reconstruction and now this, the Pakistani government is showing that it has a much better grasp on the concept that doing the right thing can actually be good for your public image too. That you can ‘win’ with generosity.”

Another Indian has shared his experience of hospitality when some Pakistanis helped him in the United Kingdom.