BTS army ftw!

It warms our hearts to see kay aaj kal kay tidday kitnay jazbay say apnay shauq dikhatay hain. Particularly how popular Korean bands are among them.

A BTS fan Alina, took her love for the Korean musicians to the streets when she promoted Jung Kook’s single ‘Seven’ across the streets of Karachi by posting images everywhere, and we must say this is the kind of planning and task execution even senior officials cannot show!


Alina, whose Twitter account goes by kimtnam, shared pictures of the posters she had plastered in different areas of Karachi like Dar ul Sehat, Rufi Lake Drive Gate and Pedestal Bridge opposite Karachi University.

Honestly we love how Twitter users are supporting Alina in expressing her love for Jung Kook rather than shutting her down.

There was also a rickshaw in Lahore which was promoting Jung Kook’s single, we love how creative this fandom is!

We love watching this kind of dedication, just as much as we’re loving ‘Seven’!