Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed during a press conference, while taking a jibe at the Opposition, said, “They [Opposition] want that the hand [protecting] Imran Khan should be on their head as well,” adding, ” this hand can be on their [Opposition] neck but never on their head.” Rasheed’s words hint towards the establishment.

Talking to the journalists, Rasheed said, “If the Opposition goes to International Monetary Fund (IMF) its halal but if Imran Khan does the same its considered haram.”

“These people went 23 times to the IMF. This time around, the conditions of IMF were pretty tough, hence we were not left with any option but to go to IMF,” said Rasheed.


Addressing the Opposition, Rasheed said that the Opposition is planning two different long marches toward the capital. He said that the government will provide them the way to continue their march but the Opposition should keep in mind the importance of March 23 and the respect one gives to the country on [the Resolution Day of Pakistan].

“Important personalities from Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are coming to Pakistan on March 23 and all eyes from India will be directed towards Pakistan as well,” said Rasheed.

Accusing the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders of corruption, Raseed said, ” Shehbaz Sharif is more corrupt than Nawaz Sharif,” adding, “I am saying this based on my own knowledge.”

“I would like to say a historical sentence that all four Sharif’s are minus from the politics of Pakistan,” said Rasheed.