Actor Faizan Sheikh lashed out on supermodel Abeer Rizvi as she called out him and Bilal Qureshi for their judging remarks about celebrities at the Hum Style Awards 2021.

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Abeer took to her Instagram story and wrote, “Well then when you speak about the style that makes sense, but you guys are bashing, bullying, and judging. Talk about “FASHION” and “STYLE” but don’t judge someone’s character and blow things out of proportion. Let’s all try to be at peace, there is enough shit going in the world.”



She ended her note by tagging Faizan and Bilal saying, “Guys relax, just because you weren’t invited to the show. Please don’t hate.”

Faizan immediately took to his Instagram story and clapped back at Abeer for calling him out. Faizan wrote, “Abeer Baji, I didn’t bash anyone. I didn’t judge anyone. I didn’t bully anyone. You need to read my story again. It only had a question about the style statement and how to go about it. Now, what are you trying to do is? Judge me. Bash me. Bully me. For having my opinion.”

Faizan ended his note with, “maza to tab hai jab apko apke kaam ki wajah se invite kiya jaaye. I know you can’t relate to this one. LOL! CHEERS”.

Earlier, Faizan had criticised celebrities for their choice of dressing at the Hum Style Awards 2021.