Actor Naumaan Ijaz is receiving flak on social media for putting actress Ayesha Omar in an uncomfortable spot on his chat show.

He started off by telling the Bulbulay star that it is considered about her that she does many controversial things, He asks her if she does it intentionally?

The Parizaad actor then cited examples of her bold shoots and said, “Kabhi apki bold shoots aa jati hain, kuch ap statements aisi deti hain,”


He added that in his opinion she shouldn’t have opened up about certain topics from her past just because someone from the industry broke her silence on the topic. It can damage your image, he said.

Ayesha seemed to be uncomfortable throughout his questioning. She replied by saying, “Kisi ki dekha dekhi nahi, (I don’t do it because others are doing it.)

Naumaan cut her in between and said that we need to be conscious about the society we’re living in.

Ayesha then answered that, “I try to bring the truth to the forefront and be authentic.”

Naumaan asked her, if she gains anything by being honest?

He later cited the example of the Rehbra diva opening up about sexual harassment in the industry and asked her that why did she talked about it?

This made Ayesha emotional and she said that it gives strength and inspiration to oppressed women. “I got strength when a colleague opened up about and its not to gain limelight,” she said

Naumaan then changed the topic and commented on her dress that why has she come wearing a night suit on his show?

Netizens are calling out Naumaan for his statements and conduct with a female actor and termed his stance as sexist.