Yasir Hussain, a host, actor, comedian, and director, gained instant fame with his debut film ‘Karachi Say Lahore,’ his dramas and also marriage to Pakistan’s sweetheart Iqra Aziz.
Recently, Hussain appeared on Iffat Omar’s YouTube show ‘Say It All with Iffat Omar.’ During the show, he shared his disappointment with today’s Pakistani TV creators and actors.

Yasir Hussain, discussing TV show, said, “I hardly see good acting in Pakistani TV shows. I’m a big TV fan, watched a lot in my childhood. We grew up on shows like ‘Ankahi’, with actors like Shehnaz Sheikh, Javaid Sheikh, Saleem Nasir, and Qavi Khan. We haven’t seen anyone like Qavi Khan since. In India, they’ve had actors like Irfan Khan and Manoj Vajpai, who paved the way for stars like SRK, Salman Khan, and now Ranveer Singh. They create their own success.”

Speaking about the roles he’s offered, he said, “I receive less roles because I decline many offers, so producers assume I’ll reject theirs too. Most drama makers don’t approach me because of this. I’m selective in my choices. However, if friends propose a role that interests me, I consider it. Additionally, I enjoy theater and film. Hosting also provides a good income.”


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