TikToker Hareem Shah recently discussed her love story and marriage with politician Bilal Shah on a podcast with comedian Nadir Ali. She described how her husband proposed to her and how they eventually decided to tie the knot.

Shah said, “I met my husband in Karachi, we met randomly at an event and after that we became very good friends, it was him who proposed to me, I used to like him a lot as a friend so I was shocked when he proposed me, in start I thought he’s just joking but he was serious, I said to him to send his parents to my house and that’s how it happened.”

Hareem also discussed the impact of social media’s trolling on celebrities, “People have a lot of negativity, I don’t pay heed to trolling because people troll a lot, the reason why I don’t pay heed to trolls, because, I have seen many media persons who lost lives after being trolled like, recently, I saw Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who was so happy and came in your show with his wife, he was fine and okay, I also talked with him along with my husband, but sooner I saw him dying, don’t you think he died because of the trolling.”

The digital influencer recently shared a video on her Instagram in which she and Bilal can be seen sharing a loving moment.

In the video, the TikToker can be seen hugging Bilal, holding his hand while sitting on a swing. Hareem can also be seen holding her husband’s nose as if he is irritating her.

In another video, hecan be seen giving her a foot massage.