In a strategic alliance between Great Wall Motor (GWM) and SAZGAR Engineering Works Limited, the introduction of the Haval brand to Pakistan last year marked the commencement of a highly successful journey for the brand in the country.

Standing out among Haval’s impressive vehicle lineup is the HEV (Hybrid), distinguished as Pakistan’s first locally assembled hybrid SUV. Achieving this milestone in November 2022 propelled the HEV to the forefront, making it the most sought-after SUV in the market.


“Hybrid and Electric vehicles are the future… and we are very proud to be spearheading this EV revolution in Pakistan by bringing the first ever locally assembled hybrid to the country”, said Mian Ammar Hameed, Executive Director Marketing at SAZGAR.

After enjoying almost a year of head start as the only locally assembled hybrid of Pakistan, Haval H6 HEV finally has some competition in Hyundai Sante Fe and recently launched hybrid of Toyota i.e. the Corolla Cross but neither of them has been able to knock the Haval HEV off its perch at the top of the hybrid summit in Pakistan. A comparison with recently launched Corolla Cross can be observed as follows:

Haval has gone into the competition with initiative firmly on its side with recent unveiling of its absolutely stunning television commercial, showcasing a level of quality that can rival top-tier international productions, while maintaining a stark distinction of its own. This not only reflects the brand’s commitment to excellence but also reinforces its credibility.

The visually stunning TV ad portrays the vehicle emerging from a dramatic lightning storm, symbolizing the harmonious blend of the vehicle’s raw electric power with its exquisite design and aesthetic. The CGI work done here has surely catapulted automotive advertisement in Pakistan to a brand new level.

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