On last Friday, the Senate unanimously passed a private member bill that gives many privileges to present and retired Chairmen of the Upper House, The News has reported.

According to sources, the National Assembly has also approved the bill and it will now be sent to the President for his approval.

When the bill will be enforced, current chairman and ex-chairman Senate will be possibly getting the following perks and privileges:


-Every chairman of the Senate after completing his tenure (post-retirement) will 12 employees for life, along with six permanent guards and VVIP security wherever he goes.
-He can request an airplane for himself and his family for domestic and international travel.

-He will get additional benefits, not mentioned in the bill, or whatever he desires from the finance committee, which he handpicks.

-Every person who has held the office of Chairman for a full term of three years, shall be entitled for life to full security detail, that is to say, six sentries at the declared residence, four personnel of police, anti-terrorism force, rangers, frontier corps or frontier constabulary in one squad vehicle, for which the federal government in Islamabad, or a provincial government in the respective province, shall make the required arrangements.

-The Finance Committee of the Senate may grant the chairman and the person who has held such office for a full term of three years, such additional privileges as it may deem fit

-The chairman of the Senate will be entitled to the protocol of deputy head of state or vice president. For his foreign travel, he shall also be entitled to requisition at the cost of government an airplane belonging to the federal, provincial government, armed forces, any flying club or any chartered air service provider.

-The chairman shall be allowed to take with him one member of his family when travelling by a commercial airplane or four members of his family when travelling by a requisitioned airplane.

-Free telephone facility at residence, official residence, free furnishing at the cost of public money, free official vehicles for self and family, free petrol, sumptuary allowance, allowance on taking up and laying down the office, equipment allowance, TA/DA are in addition to the salary of the chairman.