Hina Altaf and Agha Ali have been sued by TV producer Nousheen Agha for cheating her and running away with her money. On her petition, a local court ordered an FIR to be registered against the production team for alleged fraud and theft of valuables.

The case will be registered against Hina, Agha, director production Sohail Iftikhar Khan, and production manager Gul Zaib Nawaz under sections of Pakistan Penal Code related to fraud for violating the contractual obligations and abandoning the television serial halfway.

According to reports, Nosheen had paid Rs1.45 million to the actress, actor and production team for producing a television serial for Pakistan Television.


In her written complaint, Agha alleged that under the contract she signed with the television actors and production team they were supposed to work for the television drama from November 3 to 23 as she had booked rooms for them in guest houses of sector F-6 and F-7 in Islamabad.

However, on November 16, Hina and Ali, who were cast as the lead in the project titled Dil-e-Sarkash, abandoned the set without any prior notice and also took away Rs12 million which the complainant had paid as their remuneration for their work. The next day on November 17, Sohail Iftikhar and Gul Zaib Nawaz also ran away along with drama script, contract agreement, video shoots and other valuable items.

Nousheen claimed that because of this she had suffered an enormous financial loss and mental stress.

Meanwhile, both Hina and Agha have refuted these allegations, with Hina claiming that she has screenshots to prove her innocence.

“No one has left the shooting spell. There were at least more than 40 people on the set including the actors, DOPS, technical staff and other crew members who were not paid on time. Everyone gave her a favor and we all kept working till the situation got worsened,” Agha claimed.

Hina said: “Nothing of this sort has happened – and I have screenshots of my conversation with her which I can reveal to media when is needed.”